Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- When Should I Apply for a Student Visa?

These are the Major Intakes: Jan, May, and September; you can apply in any of them. But just keep in mind, you have to apply 1 month before the intake.

Q:- Which Country Provide Study Visa Easily?

Currently, Canada and Germany are the best options for you if your academic score is not too good or you are looking for easy visa approval. You can call us to get a free profile assessment.

Q:- Can I Work on My Student Visa?

Yes, you can work 20 hours per week officially or apply for a Green Card to work as per your need.

Q:- What After, When Visa Gets Expires?

You can re-apply for a Work Visa Extension, or we have a lot of contact in all the major countries that help you renew your Visa before it expires.

Q:- What Documents Required for a Student Visa Application?

  • Valid Passport
  • Offer letter From University.
  • University Fee receipt
  • Proof of a Bonafide Student
  • Financial Lucidity with Source of Income
  • Language Proficiency 

Q:- How long can I stay?

Depending on the Course Duration, some countries provide 3-year courses and 2-year work visas like Canada, but some just offer study visas. You can call our experts to know the latest rules.

Q:- Can I Study Abroad by Taking a Loan?

Yes, you can apply for an education loan, and it’s easy to get nowadays. Our team of experts will help you understand how much loan you need, wherefrom you can easily get it.

 Q:- How To Reach Kinngsway Overseas Education?

  • If you live in RS Pura, take a bus from RS Pura bus stand to Bikram Chonk. From here, you will get a direct matador bus that drops you at Shastri Nagar, near Dogra her. Sec. school.
  • From Prade Jammu, take a matador bus to Gandi Nagar, Goal Markt, or Trikuta Nagar. They will drop you at the Kinngsway office.
  • If you can come from janipur or kachi chawni, you can directly take a matador bus that will drop you at Kinngsway office.

Q:- What is the duration of the coaching?

A: IELTS course duration generally depends on the candidate’s English Proficiency, which our Free Assessment Procedure can evaluate. Classes are six days a week, and we Have Morning and evening batches.

Q:- Idp or British council which one is better?

A: They both are the Same. IDP and British Council are the two Different Bodies that Conduct IELTS Exam. Even there is no difference in marking and Checking Patterns. You can appear in any of the Exam

Q:- Can I Work on My Student Visa?

Yes, you can work 20 hours per week officially or apply for a Green Card to work as per your need.

Q:- How many bands are required?

A: For Undergraduate program: 6 Bands overall with 5.5 in Each Module (For All Countries), 6 Bands overall with 6 in Each Module (Canada), For Post Graduate program: 6.5 Bands overall with 6 in Each Module (For All Countries)

Q:- What is a good score for IELTS?

A: 7 + Bands are considered as a Good score in IELTS.

Q:- What type of questions are asked in IELTS

A: All the Questions are very general. This may contain any of them

  • Matching Headings.
  • Categorization.
  • Matching Sentence Endings.
  • Table Completion.
  • Flow Chart Completion. etc
  • Have More Questions?


Q:- How do I learn to fluently speak English?

A: By making a systematic approach to learn English from Basic to Advance module, then I move to intermediate or advance depending upon your learning skill

Q:- How much time does it take to learn English?

A: We will teach you to speak English in 1 to 2 months, after that we are 100% sure you can quickly talk to English.

Q:- How to learn good grammar and vocabulary?

A: We have everything you need to improve your vocabulary in our English speaking course; we provide you PDF notes and share our techniques that help you learn it quickly.

Q:- How can I speak fluently?

A: Best way to speak English easily is by doing public and group discussions. This builds confidence in you so that you can freely talk easily.

Q:- Why is group training best for English learning?

A: To build confidence in you. Knowing English is different, but speaking it in public is very important.

Q:- How Can I learn French Language?

A: By following a systematic approach to learning French. We provide you with the best method and technic to start from the Basic and move to the Advance module step by step.

Q:- How can I Speak French fluently?

A: By joining our group discussions, spoken classes, and practicing. This is the best way to improve my French-speaking.

Q:- How much time does it take to learn French?

A: Well its depends upon the user. Learning a new language is a little tricky; if you have good learning skills, it takes 3-4 months, but if not, it may take up to 6 months.

Q:- How to learn a Good French vocabulary?

A: We have all the material and guidelines you will need to improve your vocabulary. We provide you PDFs & online test modules, and other things to level up your skill.

 Q:- Is PTE paper-based or computer-based??

A: PTE is an exclusive and entirely computer-based exam.

Q:- Can I retake the PTE?

A: Yes, you can retake the PTE multiple times; the only thing is you must do so with a gap of 5 days between each attempt.

Q:- How can I book PTE test?

A: You can bring your documents to us; we will help you book the test.

Q:- How many years is the PTE score valid?

A: PTE results are valid for up to two years, and you must retake the Exam after the two-year expiration date.

Q:- PTE results help secure visas in which categories?

A: results can help you get Student Visa, Immigration Visa, and even Work Visa in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

Q:- Is PTE valid for Canada, Australia PR?

A: results can help you get Student Visa, Immigration Visa, and even Work Visa in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.