If you want to study overseas after 12th grade, there are some exams that you must have a pass. Those exams include language exams and standard exams to test your previous education and IQ level.

These exams aren’t that simple one has to prepare him/herself for those exams to pass them.

Many students think they can go abroad after graduation, but that’s wrong; you can go even after the 12th.

We will explain to you which language course you have to choose to get a study visa quickly.

Exams for Abroad studies after 12th grade

So let’s check which exam you have to attend for abroad studies after 12th grade.

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Exams for Abroad studies after 12th grade:-

There are 2-type of exams that you can take to study abroad after your 12th-grade completion. The first one is “Language Exams.” The second one is “Standardized Exams” Every student has to prepare for these exams to study abroad.

These exams have different criteria and procedures. They both are essential, but these exams are based on the universities you are applying to and the country you want.

These exams examine the candidate’s English speaking & writing skills.

They also review your previous education with basic questions as per your subjects. Then the students who score marks as per their set merit are short-listed for interviews.

So, let check what comes in “Language Exams” and “Standardized Exams” to understand it more.

1.) Language Exams Course:-

Every country has its criteria; some accept you without a language course. Some pick you only if you get a high score in the exam. So, let check the list of Language exams for foreign studies after the 12th.

a.) IELTS Language:-

IELTS stands for international English language testing system, and it is trusted and accepted worldwide. It is an English language assessment exam mainly used for students who wish to study in another country.

The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations collaborate to own, create and coordinate IELTS. It is the most commonly used English Language Exams for students wishing to study abroad.

It is an essential requirement for almost all countries like Australia, Canada, Eurproe, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, and the USA. In these exams, students’ English language skills are assessed based on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Other than studying abroad, IELTS exams are also taken for global.

Other than studying abroad, IELTS exams are also taken for global migration. You can also practice different IELTS mock tests before attempting the actual exam.

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b.) TOEFL Language Course:-

TOEFL stands for test for English as a foreign language. Most students take this exam to get admission to foreign universities and colleges in the USA.

 Most students take this exam to gain entry to foreign universities and colleges in the USA.

It evaluates the ability of non-native English speakers at the university level to study and understand English. In the United States, Canada, the USA, Australia and other countries, several colleges and universities require a TOEFL entry ranking.

Initially, more demand was placed than was sufficient for test seats, and applicants were required to wait months. The exam can now be finished in one to four weeks in most countries.

The 4-hour test is split into four sections, each assessing one of the fundamental language skills (although some tasks require multi-skill integration) and focusing on all functions in a higher level of education in language.

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c.) PTE Language Course:-

PTE: PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. This exam aims at non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. But it is also based on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The exam and its nearest rivals, the IELTS and TOEFL, are very different. The first and most distinguishing characteristics are the scoring pattern and the results. The results are available in only five days since the tests are entirely computerized. It facilitates it for the time-consuming students.

The other characteristic of this examination is that it focuses on English instead of English at the university level.

These are the three most common English tests for students who wish to study abroad following graduation, 12th or 10th grade.

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2.) Standardized Exams Course:-

Like in Language courses, every country has different criteria to select the student, which is possible because it asks you to check your IQ.

a.) GMAT Exam course

GMAT stands for Graduate management admission test. This exam is based on the candidate’s logical and critical ability to think. This exam assesses the candidates based on Mathematical skills.

GMAT for foreign colleges: GMAT usually is used for training in numerous college groups worldwide along with other requirements, including SOP, job experience, CV, academic record, etc.

More than 2100 universities worldwide now accept GMAT entries for GMAT admissions. The GMAT examination is the first and only structured test for entry into graduate enterprise and management programmes. They set the standard to forecast your academic success in today’s graduate management programmes.

As the business school is a test, GMAT always calls for facts to be examined, conclusions drawn, and suggestions to be evaluated. All in all, GMAT tests the skills you need to excel in business school in writing, maths, verbal analysis and data interpretation.

b.) Sat Exam Course:

SAT stands for the Scholastic assessment test. SAT is generally divided into two sections: Evidence-based reading, writing, and Mathematics. This exam examines students college specified skills. Universities officers review this exam along with your College grades and GPA.

Before appearing in the exam, you practice different tests.

The College Board does not lay down strict age requirements for your SAT review. As SAT is admitted to undergraduate courses, however, applicants should appear in exam after college.

The SAT consists of four sections: reading, writing and linguistic, mathematical and essay (optional). These sections aim at a variety of university skills, from reading understanding to editing to problem-solving.

Tests included number, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, likelihood, and data analysis, subjects tested in this section. A 35-minute multiple-choice section and a 55-minute essay section are included in the written section of the SAT exam.

c.) ACT Exam Course:-

ACT stands for American college testing. This exam examines the candidate’s verbal, written, scientific and mathematical skills. It also offers the students optional direct writing skills.

At the time of ACT registration, candidates must select an ACT testing centre. ACT is an international university admission test that measures students’ willingness to attend leading universities, including Cornell University, Pennsylvania University, Columbia University, etc.

On average, Indian students appear to have standardized test ratings equal to American students. Specific colleges need SAT or ACT, but SAT subject tests are not required.

For majors like architecture, other exams will include additional SAT subjects or particular ones.

Four different assessments – English, arithmetic, reading and science – and an optional writing test are available in the ACT. These assessments are conceived to measure abilities that are most relevant to successful post-secondary education.

d.) GRE Exam Course:-

GRE stands for graduate record examination. Students select this exam when they want to study business in foreign universities. GRE examines candidates based on verbal, analytical, and mathematical skills. It is a multiple-choice question and computer-based exam often required for business studies.

Compared with ACT and SAT, GRE is generally considered to be harder because while the GRE test math is lower than the SAT and ACT tests, GRE has harder language and reading passages. The math problem needs to be worded more complicatedly or has to be higher.

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The GRE general test tests your verbal thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing – skills that are long-standing and relevant for all but are not linked to any particular field of study.

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