Want to experience the best education with affordable fees? If yes, you should surely choose New Zealand for higher studies.

This article “How to apply study visa for New Zealand” can help you a lot, so you should read it till the end.

New Zealand ranks in one of the safest destinations all around the globe.

New Zealand provides international students lifetime experience, excellent employment opportunities, and world-class education.

How To Apply Study Visa for New Zealand From India?

You should also visit New Zealand Government Visa Website for information regarding visa application.

New Zealand may sometimes end up crudely stereotyped as a rugby crazy nation cut off from the rest of the world and overrun with hobbits. Still, there are many reasons, it is true, to think of moving into a university here.

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How To Apply Study Visa for New Zealand From India?

New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. It has a comprehensive education system with many state-of-the-art facilities.

It provides a healthy and secure learning atmosphere with excellent study opportunities and international student support services.

New Zealand has a perfect education system, accredited international certificates, extensive study opportunities, and a unique quality of life. You can be sure of a lively and friendly community with an outstanding support system for international students when studying here.

We will walk you through all the processes of study visas for New Zealand.

1.) Apply to New Zealand University:

You have to apply to New Zealand University to apply for a visa. You should apply to a University as per your courses and the programs you want to pick.

When you are selected from your desired University, they will send you an acceptance letter.

And then, you’ll start your procedure of applying for a Visa. If you cannot decide University, you can visit this article about New Zealand’s top universities.

Before you start your application, you need to prepare your report, figure out how you’ll help yourself in NZ, and check which documentation you need to include with your application.

2.) Select your Visa type:-

To know how to apply for a study visa for New Zealand, it is imperative to know your visa type before applying for a study visa. There are three types of Visa:

  1. Fee-paying student visa
  2. Foreign government-supported student visa
  3. Pathway student Visa.

A fee-paying student visa is for those candidates who want to study full-time in New Zealand for almost four years.

A foreign government-supported student visa is for those candidates who get scholarships or loan from any foreign country and Pathway student visa are for those candidates who have more than one program in a row.

So, selecting your visa type is very important. The NZ must pay a student visa; the online application from outside the NZ costs NZ$ 295. The most popular international students need a visa.

Depending on your country, it can be less expensive to apply for your visa by post.

3.) Documentation Required for Visa application:

Your passport should be valid for at least three months following your stay in New Zealand. A New Zealand acquisition letter states the minimum length of the course, total tuition fee, and whether the tuition fee will be in domestic and foreign currencies.

  1. The approach needs to be accepted by the Qualification Board of New Zealand.
  2. A placement bid from a New Zealand Qualifications Authority educational institution.
  3. A written promise from a new establishment (if you are under 18 years of age) that you can stay in New Zealand.
  4. A departure ticket to your country or Proof of enough money to purchase one.
  5. Documents of academic readiness such as transcripts, diplomas, or certificates.
  6. Present application form (application form for a student visa).
  7. Visa registration fee.
  8. Receipt of the tuition fee with payment until now, and photographs of passport size.
  9. Scholarships slip (if required).
  10. Statement of the Bank
  11. Sponsor’s finance for lodging and living expenses.
  12. Proof that you are leaving New Zealand after the completion of your course.
  13. A certificate for the police when you are 17 years old or older and expect to study for over 24 months.
  14. A police certificate is a document used to show its good nature.

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4.) Method to Apply for Visa:-

Firstly, you have to choose the course or program you want to study. Then you have to look into the universities that offer your desired subjects. After applying to that University, they will provide you an acceptance letter from the University.

Based on that acceptance letter, you will start working on the Visa application method. You will submit that Acceptance letter to New Zealand’s Embassy in your country along with all the documents required.

They will provide you duration of the interview. In the interview, they will judge on your language, and you have to make sure that you will come back to your home town right after completing your degree.

You also have to plan your budget while studying in New Zealand. It is necessary to see whether you are eligible to earn money side by side with your studies.

You need to prepare your course, figure out how you find yourself in NZ, and review the documentation you need to submit your application before you start your application.

To be admitted to an educational institution accredited by the Education Ministry or the Qualifications Authority of New Zealand (NZQA).

Money for your tuition fees or evidence of a bursary paying your fees, Proof that during your time in NZ you have enough money to survive on, and a New Zealand ticket or Proof that you’re purchasing enough money for one.

5.) Interview:

After the submission of your documents will call you for an interview with the Embassy. This session longs for almost 10 to 15 minutes. And they judge you based on your language and ask you few crucial questions.

If you want to be very good at interviews, you should work on your speaking skills and be on time.

6.) English Language Test:

To obtain your New Zealand student visa, you’ll have to prove proficiency in the English language. It generally involves passing a safe English language exam to show your communication and correspondence skills.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with over three million tests carried out in the last year, is the world’s most common high stake English proficiency test for education, working, and migration.

More than 10,000 organizations, including schools, entrepreneurs, technical associations, and administrations, in 140 countries worldwide are accredited for IELTS findings. The minimum score for IELTS should be 5.5 bands.

7.) Employment With Study Visa:

International students with a Visa are legally permitted to work up to 20 hours a week in New Zealand. They can work full-time during all scheduled holidays, such as Christmas, Sunday, or Summer holidays.

Your work experience doesn’t count to the 20-hour cap of your research. Students cannot be self-employed abroad.

You may still have the right to work in New Zealand after your studies. Still, you must verify with the visa authorities and then apply for the relevant work visa.

Visit the government’s official immigration website to get more details on students’ tickets or the right to work in New Zealand.

Final Words:

We provide comprehensive advice and help in applying for a visa. Our consultants will send students a complete estimation of how much support they need for their student visas in New Zealand.

New Zealand immigration rules for student visas and student visa requirements for New Zealand are relevant. Our consultants have special coaching in New Zealand student visa interview questions.

Interview questions for New Zealand student visas are typically straightforward, and IELTS basic lessons or consultations could help you apply.

Next to the interview, New Zealand can take more than a few weeks to process a visa to students. It was discussed earlier how to obtain a New Zealand student visa from India.

The government in New Zealand is also implementing laws and policies to support the country’s international students. You should apply for a six-month visa extension for New Zealand students to find a job in the country after your training.

Up to 3 years after completing your study and obtaining a job, you can apply for a New Zealand Student Visa.

 We hope you find this article helpful, but there are any queries or you want advice, you can call our experts, Or  Contact us. We will guide you in all the best possible ways.