Are you willing to study in the United States of America? If yes, this article can be very beneficial for you.

You will need a student visa if you want to study in the USA and are not a U.S. resident.

Applying for a student visa will take a long time to plan well in advance – at least three to five months before beginning.

Application for a U.S. student visa typically takes several steps.

How To Apply Study VISA for the USA

These steps differ in every U.S. embassy or consulate, so it is necessary to check the directions on the embassy or consulate website where you wish to request them.

The information we provided you in this article can take you one step closer to your dream, so continue reading.

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How To Apply Study VISA for the USA?

You may need to receive a student visa if you want to study in the USA and are not a U.S. resident. Applying for a visa for U.S. students can be a long process, so you can start to prepare well in advance – at least 3 to 5 months before your course begins.

Typically, a U.S. student visa is subject to several steps.

These steps differ in each Embassy or consulate in the United States; therefore, it is necessary to check the instructions on the embassy or consulate website where you wish to apply.

We will walk you through all the steps you have to follow while applying for a Study Visa for the USA, so consider reading it till the end.

1.) Select Course & Get Acceptance Letter:-

The very first thing you have to choose that what subjects you want to study in the USA. While selecting courses or programs, keep your finances, school qualification, and interest in mind.

It also depends on your location, transportation, your previous educational background, scholarships, and the, of course, the university you will choose for higher studies in the USA.

After selecting your courses, now look at which university provides your desired subjects. Then apply to the university; after your selection, they will send you an Acceptance letter that’s very important for Visa application in any country.

After getting that Acceptance letter, along with the other required documents, you will start your Visa application process.

 2.) Type of USA Study VISA you Need:-

If you want to go to the USA for your higher studies, you have the option of two VISA to apply, but that depends on the course you have chosen.

  1. F student Visa
  2. M student visa

The F VISA is applied by the students who want to stay in the USA for a long duration. For example, the students who wish to get admission to the college, university, or high school. Whereas, M visa is applied by the students who want to go to nonacademic institutions or vacations. It is a short-duration Visa.

Before applying for either M or F visa, you should have a guaranteed slot in a Student and Exchange Visitor Program approved by the U.S. government. The accreditation of the degree is essential since other colleges, professional societies, employers, and ministries worldwide accept your degree.

Only SEVP-approved institutions will enroll students in the SEVIS and provide you with the documentation required for applying for a U.S. student visa. To recognize approved institutions, use the government’s website report.

The SEVP handles international visa classifications students F and M. The State Department (DoS) manages visa classification exchange programs and international students. SEVP and DoS use SEVIS to monitor and monitor and exchange visits and foreign programs and students.

3.) Steps for Applying for USA Student VISA:

Most countries have their websites for U.S. student visa applications to access for their main page. And still, if you cannot find your Country, you can access that from their Embassy’s official Website.

a.) Online Visa Application Form DS 160:

You can easily find the online form on their Website. You will need to select where to apply from and ensure that you have all the paperwork and details to complete the application.

You will be taken to the form pages once you have selected and answered a security query. Your application I.D. will be located at the end. If you need to quit the application and return it later, you will need this I.D. to retrieve your form.

b.) Personal Details Required for Application:

  • Name and Date of Birth
  • Contact number and Address
  • Travel and Passport details
  • Previous Travel history
  • Contact point in the U.S.
  • Family and educational details
  • Employment details
  • Medical certificates
  • Your photograph

You will have to sign your DS-160 by pressing the “Sign Application” button at the end of the visa application form. After uploading your document, you’ll be sent a confirmation page with a barcode, barcode number, and I.D. number to print out and take for a visa interview.

d.) Documents Required for Student VISA Interview:


  • Passport is valid for at least six months after the competition of your studies. It’s better to take your old passport too.
  • DS 106 non-migrant form. (with a barcode confirmation page and I.D. application number)
  • Two pictures are attached with DS 106 form.
  • Signed form of F student visa or M student visa
  • Hardcopy of Visa appointment letter
  • Payment receipt of visa fees
  • It is better to take your previous educational record as well.
  • Transcripts, Diplomas
  • Standardized tests like (IELTS, TOFEL, GMAT, GRE, LSAT)
  • Previous school and college certificates
  • Letter of intent to leave the USA after completing your studies
  • Proof of funds

Some documents can be changed in the future depends upon the current VSIA rule. To get up-to-date information and evaluate your profile, you can always call us.

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c.) VISA Fees:

Visa application fees are non-refundable. Some consultants ask you to pay admission fees before your interview. Visa fees are also known as MRV or machine-readable Visa fees. Generally, F and M visa fees are $160, consistent with other non-immigrant visa categories.

However, there are three easy ways to pay your non-refundable and non-transferable fees.

  • You can personally pay fees at any approved bank
  • You can make an online transaction
  • By phone (you will receive a confirmation number)

4.) USA Student VISA Interview:-

The last move is to arrange and participate in a visa interview with U.S. students. You can do this online and also by calling the U.S. embassy or consulate nearest you.

In either instance, you should first pay your MRV fee, as your MRV fee number will be necessary. When you appear for a consultative officer interview, you will not complete the visa application process.

Do not be surprised if you need to arrange an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate different from that used to apply for your visa. The barcode from your DS-160 is available in any U.S. embassy or consulate to receive your details.

However, bear in mind that it might be challenging to qualify for a visa if you apply outside your permanent residency.

You can also view the Visa appointment lists here: VISA interview appointments.

5.) If You Get Selected Arrival in the USA:

You will have to fill in a customs declaration form (CF-6059) before arriving in the United States by plane before arriving at your Country. If you don’t understand the type, you may ask a flight attendant for assistance.

You will also need to complete an Arrival/Departure Record I-94 form, either online or on paper.

Your student visa to the United States is valid until the date specified on your passport. On your I-94 form, the CBP officer will record a particular date or “D/S” (duration of status).

It is the deadline for you to leave the United States. Even if your visa expires during your stay, you can remain in the United States until this date. However, if you leave the United States with an expired passport, you will need to receive a new one before returning and resume your studies.

Final Words:-

Obtaining a visa to study in the United States takes time, but it can be a surprisingly simple operation. Although the application process for an international student or exchange visitor visa can be complicated, hundreds of thousands of students fulfill the criteria for access each year.

But once the candidate is aware of all the information, knowledge, and his/her documents are available, it is not a difficult job that much.

Still, if you’re confused about any step, kindly feel free to call us and let us know in the comment section how much this article has been fruitful for you. Thank you!

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