Are you looking for the IELTS exam date in Jammu? In this article, you will find all the essential information you should know about being an IELTS aspirant.

The IELTS Exam is held at various Exam Centers throughout the country on 48 fixed dates each year.

It is held four times a month, depending on the Exam’s local demand.

It is administered by the British Council (IELTS BC) or the International Development Program Education (IELTS IDP).

IELTS Fees in jammu

As a result, an applicant has a lot of flexibility in selecting the best time to take the Exam. Candidates should file well ahead of the deadline since there is no assurance that slots will be available at the last minute.

We will make you go through the overview of the IELTS and ILETS exam date in Jammu so, do consider reading till the end.

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IELTS Exam Date In Jammu?

In a given month, the IELTS exam will be held on four days. The exam will take place on one of the 48 scheduled dates. Exam dates for IELTS 2023 are also determined by the number of students taking the Exam. It means that if there aren’t enough applicants, specific exam dates may be canceled.

List of the Academic & General IELTS EXAMS DATE IN JAMMU in the year 2023.

Test Dates Test Type Test Type
11 May 2023 Academic  General Training
27 May 2023 Academic  General Training
03 Jun 2023 Academic
10 Jun 2023 Academic  General Training
24 Jun 2023 Academic  General Training
06 Jul 2023 Academic
22 Jul 2023 Academic  General Training
29 Jul 2023 Academic  General Training
05 Aug 2023 Academic

To make the Exam more comfortable for the applicant, it is usually held on Thursdays and Saturdays. Visit for more information on the IELTS 2023 official website.

Some FAQ?

a.) Qualification Required for IELTS:

It is clear from the test administrators’ criteria for both tests that candidates must have completed Class 12 or an equivalent examination.

Students who have finished Class 12 or its equivalent will apply for undergraduate courses using the IELTS Academic Test. students applying for postgraduate courses must have a bachelor’s degree at the very least.

They must also apply for the IELTS Academic exam.

b.) Age Restriction:

  • Students must be at least 17 years old to apply.
  • It is the upper age limit for an undergraduate program.
  • Universities can have different age restrictions.
  • As a result, applicants should review the university’s eligibility criteria before applying.
  • A valid passport is required for all applicants.

c.) Standard Syllabus

The IELTS is used to evaluate the candidates’ English language competence by universities and companies worldwide. It is because driving authorities are trying to try out the “English language proficiency” that universities and businesses are searching for.

There is no prescribed curriculum for this test. To understand and plan well, candidates should look at the IELTS 2021 test pattern. Themes such as basic grammar, reading understanding, and Writing can help.

After applying for the examination, the leading authorities give the applicant extensive study material at their selected address. A few weeks before the test, you can review these books and Videos to indicate the types of questions or subjects tested.

Important Updates:

  • The fee for the IELTS exam has increased from INR 13,250 to INR 14,700.
  • Because of the COVID 19 outbreak, the conducting authority has introduced online help, the IELTS Indicator test, where you can write a test at home by candidates who expect to take the test this year.
  • The IELTS is an online test that helps candidates to practice English Papers. It assesses the students’ reading, Writing, listening, and speaking abilities in English.

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